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The realization of the Liposuction is not only a surgical act.
There are some elements that help this surgery to be more effective.

These are facts accumulated through more than 20 years dedicated exclusively to lipoplasty:

  From the right diagnostic, the good indication, through understanding what
  the patients want and the relation with the aesthetic pathology that they suffer.
  The help of non-invasive diagnostic tools for the preparation of a good
  surgical technique (videocapillaroscopy and ultrasound).
The correct use of the iconography in the medical consultation and in
  the pre and post op.
The importance of the pre-op physiotherapeutic, cosmetic and
  medical preparation of the patient.
The placement of the patient in the operating table. The importance of
  ergonomics for the surgeon and the patient.
The tumescent anesthesia technique, its proper realization. The support of
  the conscious sedation.
The ergonomics in the realization of the surgery.
The state of the art in cannulas. Why is a good cannula so important?
The various techniques for liposculpture depending on the patient’s pathology.
The state of art device like Ultrasonic Liposculpture Liposelection Vaser™
Rules for a safe liposculpture.

The immediate and mediate post-op, as important as the surgery itself.

Prof. Dr. Gustavo Leibaschoff


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