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We represent and sell reliable medical technologies for the cosmetic medical field.
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Carboxy – Pen
The most innovative technology for Carboxytherapy treatments from Europe can be in your hands now.

Women are busy, more than ever they are in the look for the most innovative treatment that let them get in, out in a blink of an eye.
However, they only will treat themselves in an office with a trusting Doctor that has not only the latest technology and painless but also the safest one. And that includes knowing how to use it properly.
That’s why we offer you, for your office the most Efficient, Affordable, Digital Panel, Faster and Painless Non-Surgical Method using CO2 Injected in the Subcutaneous Tissue.
You might select the different programs among:
Cellulite - Stretch Marks - Anti Aging - Under - Eye Circles - Phlebology
It has a Progressive control of the CO flow
Studies have demonstrated that Carboxytherapy improves skin elasticity, circulation, collagen repair and promote the reduction of the adipose cell.

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This is definitely the latest technology from Europe in Mesotherapy devices and now is here in the States.
Your office could be one of the first ones to own it and your patients the lucky ones to enjoy its benefits.
It’s the only with an Automatic Control of Depth and Speed Synthesis of all the existing injections techniques.
For « nappage », point by point or continuous injections, Simultaneous vibration massage for a better diffusion of the medicine.
Plus, but not least, Ultim accepts any kind of syringes and needles.
Show your patients that your office is up to speed with the happening worldwide.
Let us help you.

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