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ICAM-USA Inc. International Consultants in Aesthetic Medicine, is founded by Dr. Gustavo H. Leibaschoff who is concerned with the education and training of physicians in the various areas of Cosmetic Medicine and Surgery. ICAM USA and Dr. Leibaschoff create better trained professionals that in term produce better and safer results for their patients.

Dr. Leibaschoff, President of ICAM USA, is a pioneer in the field of Aesthetic Medicine Procedures, non-invasive treatments and Cosmetic Surgery alike, always searching for new and safe state-of-the-art techniques supported by scientific research. He is currently dedicated  full-time to researching,  lecturing and training other colleagues around the world.

Continuing medical education and training is his main goal, as he states: "There is no other way to have the best and safest results for patients than perfecting the learning experience for the medical professional. Happy and healthy patients will be the reward."

ICAM-USA Inc. helps physicians to expand their practice by adding the latest techniques available in the world of Aesthetic Medicine.
ICAM-USA Inc. provides Scientific Support and Consultancy Services to the Cosmetic Medical industry in the pursuit of Medical Excellence.


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